Friday, October 26, 2007

benefits from computer literacy

Information & Information Technologies are the key drivers of the information age. The information age has ushered in the knowledge-based industrial revolution. A new revolution is in the making, similar to the industrial revolution that to place at the turn of the last century. Many economists, management experts and futurists agree that the world has the new age of Information Technology. Information & Information Technology are the new drivers of this age. The free flow of information, which is enabled by the Internet, without any geographical and national barriers. Information Technology & business are so closely related. Together, they are defining new organizations, products, services and ways of delivering then but also newer ways of satisfying the needs of customers.

Today, computers are no longer specialized tools used only by scientists or engineers. They do not hum behind sealed, glass walls in climate-controlled environments. Computers are everywhere - in places you cannot see or would not expect to find them. They are a fact of life, a common thread that ties together our education, work, and home life.

With computers touching nearly every aspect of our lives, the issue of computer literacy becomes important. But what is computer literacy, and why is it so crucial?, Answer is yes, yes you will benefits from computer literacy......

1. Increased Employability
2. Greater Earning Potential
3. Greater Access to Resources

Computer literacy and the skills you can build with that literacy are essential to success in this society, not just in our working lives, but in the way we learn, manage our finances, and improve our standard of living.

With the advent of 21st century IT has thrown severe challenges before us. These Challenges are translated into better opportunities for one & all. The main strive is to meet these challenges with ease. As a result IT friendly technical workforce is required in all types of industries. The software industry is India is valued Rs. 200 billion employing over 7 lakh people as IT and Management professionals. The Indian industry, which is gearing up to meet this is on the look out qualified manpower with the technical expertise to serve challenging markets.

While developing the specific courses, we had in mind about the shortage of trained computer professionals & Software Engineers to cope-up with ever-increasing demand from the growing industry & allied services. So by keeping, we have taken the IT literacy Mission in our hands. To developed and compiled our training courses accordingly and subsequently to keep on updating the same. In short words demand us anything in "Computer Training" we will assure you our excellent and professional training all the time.

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